01.North American Harvard. Thornhill Air Show, 8th October 1972.
02.De Havilland DH82 Tiger Moth 'SR26' Gwelo 8th October 1972.
03.De Havilland Vampire FB9 'RRAF112' Gwelo, 8th October 1972.
04.English Electric Canberra B2 'R5203' of No 5 Squadron, Rhodesian Air Force 27th November 1972
05.South African Air Force Viscount '150' 19th May 1971
06.Supermarine Spitfire Mk.22 'SR65' Gwelo. 8th October 1972.
07.DH Vampire FB9. R100 New Sarum, Rhodesian Air Force Base, Salisbury Airport. October 1973.
08.DH Vampire T11. R4028 (on boom) R4092 (on flaps) October 1973.
09.Alouette 111B 'R5077' of No 7 Squadron seen outside the Salisbury Showgrounds in January 1971
10.Percival Provost T52. R3064 taxiing out from the Airwork hangar September 1970
11.Aermacchi Al 60b 'Trojan' Gwelo, on the 8th October 1972
12.English Electric Canberra.T4 R2175 at Thornhill during the air show on the 8th October 1972
13.Douglas C47 Dakotas at No.3 Squadron dispersal, Rhodesian Air Force base, New Sarum, Salisbury Airport. July 1971.
14.North American Harvards. 1955/56
15.DH Vampire T55. R2424 after wheels up landing on the 26th October 1971
16.English Electric Canberra B2 'R2519' of No 5 Squadron RhAF 27th November 1972
17.Aermacchi Al 60b 'Trojan' Coming into land at Salisbury in February 1973
18.RhodAF. DH Vampire T55. 'R4126' 27th November 1972
19.English Electric Canberra breaking over the tower at Salisbury, July 1971
20.Hawker Hunter FGA9. October 1971
21.Alouette 111B. Taken during the flypast over Salisbury on the 28th November 1972
22.English Electric Canberra B2 'XR2158' June 1971
23.Hawker Hunter FGA9 & DH Vampire T55? May 1971
24.Douglas C47 Dakota 'R3708' of the Rhodesian Air Force March 1972
25.Alouette 111B. 8th October Gwelo 1972
26.Hawker Hunter FGA9 Gwelo on the 8th October 1972
27.Hawker Hunter FGA9 of the Rhodesian Air Force
28.Hunting Percival Provost T52. R3616 August 1972
29.South African Police/ZA Polisie Alouette 111 '39' August 1971
30.Rhodesian Air Force Douglas C47 Dakota. August 1972
31.Rhodesian Air Force. Douglas C47 Dakota. October 1971
32.Aermacchi Al 60b 'Trojan' 'R3427' at Kariba Airport, August 1971
33.Douglas C47 Dakotas of the Rhodesian Air Force 28th November 1972
34.Alouette 111B. Gwelo air show in October 1972
35.English Electric Canberra B2 of the Rhodesian Air Force. January 1973
36.Rhodesian Air Force Douglas C47 Dakota R7307 'Chaminuka' January 1973
37.Rhodesian Air Force Douglas C47 Dakota. 'Chaminuka' (rainmaker) January 1973
38.Beechcraft Baron 'R7310', ex VP-YZI of the Rhodesian Air Force
39.De Havilland Vampire T55 'R2418' Thornhill Air Force base on the 8th October 1972
40.Supermarine Spitfire Mk.22. 'R64'
42.Douglas C47 Dakota 'R7053' of No.3 Squadron, August 1971.
43.Hawker Hunter FGA9 of the Rhodesian Air Force, Gwelo. August 1971
44.English Electric Canberra B2. 'R2510' of N.5 Squadron, April 1971
45.Beechcraft Baron VP-YZ1 or R7310 March 1972