Piper L-14 Army Cruiser EC-AAP

Constructed by Piper and registered on the 18th December 1945, construction number 5-3007, USAAF number 5-55531 and soon after sold on the civil market as NC-41594 as the contract for 850 examples of this type for the USAAF was cancelled, on the 12th March 1946 this Piper l-14 was exported to Cuba as CU-P18, later to become CU-N18 before being exported by sea to Spain on the 10th March 1947. The new owner being the Marques del Merto, D.Jose Lopez Carrizosa with the new Spanish registration of EC-AAP, the aircraft flying around Spain and North Africa on the owner’s company business, Aerotecnica de Sevilla, subsequently sold on to Dona Victoria Puentedura Ojeda of Malaga on the 2nd April 1952, then to D.Manuel Lopez Manteola on the 6th August 1955, D.Antonio Figaredo Sela is recorded as buying the aircraft on the 25th January 1956 and then finally on the 19th January 1995 D.Jose Luis Olias of Burgos obtained the aircraft after much negotiation.

Between 1947 and 1957 the aircraft flew all over Spain and North Africa (Morocco) publicising a well know drink, this included banner towing before its long storage sheltered within a dry hangar in Leon, when in 1995, the aircraft was recovered by road to Burgos and the detailed restoration was begun.

The registration, EC-AAP is now the first registration to be found within the Spanish aircraft registration records, EC prefix, and is the only Piper L-14 Army Cruiser in the World. A truly unique aircraft restored to the highest standard, flying again after 46 years.

For the owner, D.Jose Luis OLIAS, who was recently elected the President of the Royal Aero Club of Spain (Real Aero Club de Espana), one the oldest and most prestigious Aero Clubs in the World, the year 2003 will be long remembered as the year when all his hard work and dedication brought the reward of being able to fly his own aircraft which he restored himself along with the help of many people from all around the World.

© Robin D W Norton May 2003. <www.a2oxford.info> Original text in Spanish by D.Jose Luis Olias, translated by RDWNorton.