Damaged RAF Gloster Javelin

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In 1965 Rhodesia declared UDI from Great Britain, one of the measures taken by the UK was to send a Squadron of Gloster Javelin aircraft to Ndola, Zambia, the former British colony of Northern Rhodesia. This was quite soon after UDI, I imagine 1966 onwards. One of the aircraft from 29 Squadron, XH890, forced landed at Ndola and was damaged beyond economical repair, the aircraft was moved to a children's playground in Ndola, these photographs show it several years later, early 1970s. The photographs came from William Hunter Johnson who in turn I think obtained them from someone else, please get in touch if you took these photographs.

Of interest, Salisbury Radar controlled all airspace in the region, after take-off the Royal Air Force flight leader would contact the 'rebels' in Salisbury Radar, Salisbury Airport for clearance to fly a border patrol along the Zambia/Rhodesia border. There is a good chance that some of 29 Squadron had spent time in Rhodesia on attachment, it goes without saying, I hope, that many serving members of the Rhodesian Air Force (in the 1960s still Royal Rhodesian Air Force – Royal to the Queen of England) had served with the British Royal Air Force, even the Rhodesian Prime Minister, Ian Smith, had been a Royal Air Force pilot flying and fighting in Italy, he was injured having been shot down whilst fighting for Queen and Country!